Social Media Marketing

Unleash Your Brand: Mastering The Art of Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is a digital process or strategy. In which we use different social platforms to increase traffic on your business. Once the traffic increases then it leads to an increase in your sales or promotes your brand and also connects you with your target audience. SMM is the perfect marketing strategy for any business whether small or large business nowadays. Social media marketing is not just about making your business account and publishing any post whenever you like. But it requires perfect planning with measurable goals. In (SMM) we use different social channels for marketing purposes to increase business growth and achieve success.

Knowledge Achievements in SMM:

The main topics that will be covered in the Social media marketing course from Coachifie are mentioned below:

• Facebook marketing (How to connect and engage on Facebook)
• Instagram (What is real real-time update on Instagram )
• Twitter (Represent your business in Real-Time Updates)
• LinkedIn (How to professionally connect your business)
• Pinterest (Visually represent your business using SMM)
• Snapchat (Short video description)
Now we discuss it one by one in detail:

Facebook Marketing:

The use of Facebook for business growth is termed as Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is one of the effective strategies to promote your brands or for business growth. Facebook marketing uses different approaches that include below:

Outcomes in FB Marketing:

1) Page Creation and Optimization.
2) Facebook Advertisement.
3) Audience Engagement strategy.
4) Facebook insight and Analytics.
5) How to boost your post on Facebook.
6) Content Sharing.

Facebook is a platform that is used by almost all aged people including children, Young, and old ages people. So on this platform, you can easily target your business audience and promote your brand increase your sales, or drive traffic on your website. Here at Coachifie, we can teach all the courses physically and online:

TikTok Marketing:

In today's world, we cannot ignore the power of TikTok. Because TikTok is now included in the largest audience-engaged platform. In TikTok, the video is of limited short time and that's why everyone watches it. So making the smallest best intro video about any particular business will boost your business. As TikTok's visual marketing strategy. By creating organic and creative content the people related to that particular content will follow you on TikTok. After that when you publish another video it will reach automatically your followers and they get knowledge about your business discussed in that video. Different Concepts that you will learn in TikTok marketing are given below:

Learning outcomes:

• Content Creation method on TikTok.
• Understand about Trends and Challenges.
• How to achieve Influencer Marketing.
• What is the Hashtag Strategy?
• The method used for Engagement and Interaction.
• Advertising on TikTok.
• What is User-Generative Content (UGC).
• Monitoring Analytics and Measurement.
• Cross-Promotion:

Instagram Marketing In SMM:

Instagram is the most advanced and effective and advanced platform for marketing. The use of Instagram to promote any business, and increase traffic on your website or brand is termed Instagram marketing. Instagram is the most popular platform for photo and video sharing. So when you represent your business in a photo or video format and then post it on Instagram. Then you will get a much larger audience for your particular business. Instagram is the third largest social media platform used by people of age(19 to 38). Instagram has approximately 2 billion active monthly users. So the use of Instagram for marketing purposes will boost your business in very little time.

Instagram marketing concept you will learn at Coachifie

• Instagram Business Profile.
• Instagram Ads.
• Influencer Marketing.
• Content Sharing.
• IGTV (Instagram TV).
• Instagram Reels.
• Instagram Shopping.
• Hashtags:

Twitter Marketing in SMM:

Twitter marketing is also one of the effective marketing strategies. With the use of Twitter marketing, you can directly target your audience. When you create quality content and valuable content. And then post it on Twitter you will always get good results. Like other social media platforms, Twitter marketing has the same approach.

LinkedIn Marketing:

LinkedIn is a professional platform in social media. With the help of LinkedIn, you can improve your particular brand awareness, generate leads, and get more traffic to your business. The use of linkedln is a succesfull marketing stratagy. Because on these platforms you can make a connection and when you post something on LinkedIn it will reach all your connected people on LinkedIn. The main social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but on LinkedIn, you can generate 227% of the most effective leads than on Facebook or Instagram.

Pinterest marketing is visual marketing through video and images. So when you express your brand, business, or service visually is known as Pinterest marketing. Pinterest marketing is also the most effective type of social media marketing.

Pinterest Marketing:


Just like TikTok Snapchat is also used by a wide range of people around the whole world. So using this social platform you can increase traffic on your website, Increase sales, or promote any brand. The business that is presented on approximately all social platforms as discussed above will gain more and more traffic.

Research about Social media marketing:

From the year of 2004 to 2022 studied the traffic analytics of a website that had approximately one million users with the use of social media marketing. The dramatic growth of the traffic using social media channels levels up the social channel.

In the year 2023, the research proved that only 4.76 billion users are using social media globally. Which is 59% of the total world population. Approximately 80% of the customers' reports prove that social media marketing completely affects the buying decisions of the customers. l social platforms as discussed above will gain more and more traffic.

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful strategies for the success of your business. Almost all people use social platforms for many reasons. So every business has the purpose of being presented globally to a wide range of people. With the help of SMM, you can achieve:

The Coachifie Experience:

In Coachifie we have expert trainers in every field of IT who will keep up to date and update you on all modern and latest trends. In Coachifie we make a small class of students that learn in an open and easy environment. At Coachifie we make all the subjects in three phases which are:

So boost your future with Coachifie.