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Unlocking SEO Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Website’s Visibility

SEO Introduction:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The main purpose of Learning SEO Course is the practices and techniques in which your content or website comes in search results. SEO is used to drive a traffic on website that is non- paid. This means the organic traffic. Search engines are different and different search engine uses different algorithms to bring your website to the top of search results. There are millions of titles for which the particular user is searching on the web browser. So SEO will boost your post or article to come to the top of all the titles. Google will show articles which is more optimized according to the particular search engine.

Here in this particular article, we will only focus on the website SEO.

There are main three types of SEO. Which are the following.

a. On-page SEO
b. Off-page SEO
c. Technical SEO.
d. Keyword Research
e. Content Quality
f. Content length
g. And many more.

On-Page SEO:

The type of SEO that will optimize the webpages and the contents for the user as well as for the search engines. The on- page SEO will rank the web page and bring more traffic to your website. In the on-page SEO, the most important things are the following.

a. Keyword
b. Internal link
c. External link
d. Meta description
e. And many more

Why On-Page SEO is Important:

Google also makes its users happy. And provide complete and perfect information about a particular searched keyword. So when the content on your website is good and has good UI that engages the user will rank by Google. Google algorithm tells all about on-page SEO. So when you write your content according to the Google algorithm. Then Google will rank your content and also your website.

Some key techniques of On page SEO.

a. Write Unique Content without plagiarism or by AI.

b. Choose the target keyword and use it naturally.

c. Write meta descriptions catchy and attractive.

d. Use the images in your content naturally.

e. Use target keywords in the Heading and sub-heading.

f. Use internal and external links.

g. Write lengthy and good content.

Every factor above mentioned will result in ranking your content in the search engines.


The off-page SEO is the basic type of SEO. Off-page SEO is used from outside the website that ranks your website. The off- page SEO makes sure for the search engine and for the user that this site is trustworthy and more authoritative. So the off-page SEO consists of the following.

1-Back linking
2-Social media marketing
3-Guest posting
4-And many more

Off-page SEO
You have limited control over the off-page SEO. Because it is possible that someone not give permission to give you a backlink. Off-page SEO is an essential factor in SEO.


The off-page Learning SEO Course is so important because it makes your website reputation. When your site URL is included in as many as highly authoritative websites then search engines consider your website more authoritative. Google ranks highly trustworthy and authoritative websites. According to the search engine, the more (E-A-T) which stands for expertise, authorztivesness, and trustworthiness website will rank more easily.

The off-page SEO will done by the following factors.

1- Link Building on different websites
2-Content Marketing on different platforms
3-Local SEO (GMB and Citations)
4-Reviews in website


Technical Learning SEO Course is the third important factor of SEO that plays an important role in website ranking. So the term technical SEO refers to the technical aspects of your web pages and website. Technical SEO is the improvement of your website speed, ease of crawling by Google boots, and more clear for the search engine. In technical SEO you have to remove the unnecessary plugins and unnecessary themes to increase your webpage speed.


Technical SEO is important because when your website speed is faster then the user will engage in your website and rotate easily in your website. Technical SEO is the type of on-page SEO. When your webpages speed is high then it will index faster. For technical SEO there must be no or fewer dead links in your content.


So the overall conclusion is that when you have to bring your content to the top of search engines you must take care of all
three types of SEO.

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