What is digital marketing

What is digital marketing

The promotion of goods as well as the promotion of services through social digital channels and electronic technologies is known as digital marketing. For example, the internet, webinars, search engines, and social channels etc. are included in digital marketing. digital marketing platform is the advance way to reach your business and services to the correct and target audience. Digital marketing includes different practices and different techniques to reach the target audience. Digital marketing is used for brand awareness , generating leads , and the basic thing is that to increase the brand or business growth. This practice includes the following methods and techniques:

Types of digital marketing platform:

Following are the types of digital marketing which are given below and explain it step by step in detail:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Pay per click advertisement
  4. Sponsored content
  5. Content Marketing
  6. SMS marketing(short message service)
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Video marketing
  9. Marketing automation and many more

Social Media Marketing:

The use of social platforms and social channels for marketing purposes is called social media marketing. This includes the following channels and platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Pinterest
  4. And many more.

Email Marketing:

In this type of digital marketing, the business holder reaches to the target customers through email. Email marketing is a popular way of digital marketing.

Pay-per-click advertisement :

It is the paid way of advertisement. In this type of digital marketing, the business holder pays to different websites to show their ads on different websites.

Sponsored content:

When one organization pays another business to create content that highlights the services and products of a marketer is known as sponsored content.

Video marketing:

The use of video content to promote, brands and businesses on different platforms is known as video marketing. Video marketing is the type of digital marketing that is most popular nowadays. This includes different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

SMS marketing:

SMS stands for (short message service) marketing. Companies choose SMS marketing to promote their product and services. It is also the most popular way of digital marketing.

Affiliate marketing:

In this type of digital marketing, the influencer commonly pays commissions to different platforms to promote their products and services such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

KPIS measures and digital marketing platform rule:

Digital marketing has wide rules and responsibilities. Some of the rules and KPIs they measure are the following.

SEO specialist:

Generally the SEO stands for the search engine optimization. Generally the seo specialist rank the website. He generally bring the traffic on the website. The seo specialist do the following:

  • Keyword ranking (Rank the keyword to show in search results)
  • Making backlinks
  • Research about the CTR
  • Bounce rate and website on page.

Social media Manager:

Social media manager is responsible for social media strategies across the different social media platforms. These platforms include the Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok marketing. The social media manager controls all the activates regarding the social channels.

Content Writer:

The content writer are the person that write articles for the blog. The content writer is the specialist of that specific field for which he is writing an articles. The content writer must be the expert person. Because only the expert person give all the detail about the particular topic. So generally the content writer the writer of different articles published on the particular blog.

 Importance of digital marketing:

Nowadays digital marketing is most important for the growth of the business and to reach your brand and business to the correct and target audience. Digital marketing play important rule in your brand competition. If you want to maximize your sale in the modern world . You must use digital marketing service. Without digital marketing you can never compete your competitor who use the advance feather of the digital marketing. For more detail cheat TechTarget

Traditional Marketing  vs digital marketing:

First of all when there is no concept of digital marketing. People uses the news paper for their business growth. Then all the necessary information about his business were approached to the target audience. But when internet comes then it completely change the way of marketing. Slowly and gradually the concept of traditional marketing goes down. Because the maximum people reading newspaper start reading articles on the internet. So the people comes to internet instead of newspaper. Then the way of marketing also change and concept of digital marketing  arise. People start using digital marketing . Because with the use of digital marketing the advertisement of a specific business approach to the target audience so easily and fast.