Google Ads

Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads:

Google ads also called Google Ad wards are used for online advertisements that let you advertise your products and services across Google’s online properties. Such as its Google search engine, partner websites, and YouTube. Whenever someone. Introduction to Google Ads says about Google ads it directly means an online advertisement platform for which you have to pay a specific fee to show your business ads on a platform like Google. To show your business advertisement on Google you have to pay a specific fee which is called bidding. Think about bidding in which a business decides the maximum amount it’s willing to pay for someone to click on its ads.

Who should attend?

Google ads are for all business holders who want to advertise their products or services on Google but it is for someone specific which are the following. It is for small business holders who want to advertise their products to the global world on Google. Google ads are for the freelancers that are used to promote their service on Google. Google ads are for small and large website owners who want to derive traffic to their websites and increase the growth of their websites.

Learning Outcomes:

In the Google ads course, Coachifie offers the following concepts.

After completing the course from Coachifie you will learn the following concepts.

Understanding Google Ads Basics:

Setting Up Google Ads Campaigns:

Keyword Research and Selection:

Ad Creation and Copywriting:

Different Bidding Strategies:

Ad Extensions:

How to target the audiences:

Conversion Tracking:
How to achieve Campaign Optimization:

How to achieve Quality Score and Ad Rank:

Budget Management:

Reporting and Analytics of your campaigns:

Different Ad Policies and Compliance:

Remarketing Strategies in Google ads.:

And many more

Train your team from Us:

This Coachifie course can be delivered to you virtually or on-site for corporate teams and tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

The Coachifie Experience:

In Coachifie we have expert trainers in every field of IT who will keep up to date and update you on all modern and latest trends.

Coachifie we train the students completely practically along with theory.

In Coachifie we make a small class of students that learn in an open and
easy environment.

In Coachifie we make all the subjects in three phases which are:

i. Basic Course of Google ads

ii. Intermediate Course in Google ads

iii. Advanced Course in Google ads.

Task wise system:

In Coachifie we give practical tasks to every student who completes the task in a good and faster way will get a prize. In this way, we try to create a competition between the students. So that the students will perform their best.

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